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  1. Parents are not allowed in the dugout at any time during practices or games, including taking photos.

    Rationale: The players and coaches need to remain focused. Allowing a parent in the dugout can be a distraction and make it uncomfortable for the player whose parent is in the dugout.

  2. Do not bring drinks/food into the dugout or throw drinks/food over the fence to your son while the players are preparing for a game or playing a game. Playing a double-header is the one exception to the rule, where drinks and food can be given to the players between the games.

    Rationale: We have water and/or Gatorade for the players in the dugout. We believe that players need to be responsible for their nutritional needs and should plan accordingly on game days.

  3. Please adhere to the 24-hour rule after games.

    Rationale: Coaches are more than willing to meet with you, but please wait until 24 hours after a game to schedule or request a meeting. It will give us time to reflect on the win or loss rather than have to deal with concerns immediately. E-mailing the coaches the day after is the preferred way to go about communicating with the coaching staff.

  4. Playing time is non-negotiable! This includes: Fall, Winter, Season and Summer.

    Rationale: At the High School level, playing time will never be equal. The players need to compete each and every day for playing time. They need to understand that it is the coaching staffs belief that everyday is a tryout and they need treat all practices and games as such. Playing time will never be addressed with a parent(s); however, a player can meet with the coaching staff to discuss ways to possibly earn more playing time.

  5. Please follow the Chain-of-Command

    Rationale: The chain-of-command is as follows: 1) The Head Coach of your sons team; 2) The Head Coach of the program; 3) The Athletic Director (Andrew Mashburn); 4) The Assistant Principal in charge of athletics; and 5) The Principal. The Chain-of-Command is in place for all sports here at Aliso Niguel.

  6. The coaching staff will accommodate all parent requested meetings. All meetings will include the Head Coach of the team your son is on and at least one other Coach from the program. The player of the parent requesting the meeting will also be required to be in attendance at the meeting.

    Rationale: The coaching staff recognizes that face-to-face meetings are sometimes requested. We feel that your son needs to be present at any requested meeting because the topic will more than likely be about him.

  7. Please do not send anonymous letters to anyone in the Chain-of-Command.

    Rationale: The coaching staff feels that anonymous letters are not valid. If you have a concern that is important enough to write a letter, then ownership should be taken for the letter.

  8. Practices are closed to parents.

    Rationale: Practices are part of their fifth-period baseball class. It is important for players to remain focused during practice time. Focusing on practice can be difficult enough for a player without the presence of their parent. The exception can be if you contact me prior to the practice(s) you wish to attend. We can decide on an appropriate time to visit and/or watch practice.

  9. Each player will return his uniform and/or any other items furnished, purchased and/or belonging to Aliso Niguel High School in good condition or he will be financially responsible for replacing the items.

    Rationale: Every uniform purchased by the baseball program costs approximately one-hundred and fifty dollars. Players have not returned their uniform or returned it in a very damaged condition in past years. Please try to repair any holes and get any stains out of the uniform before it is returned to the program at the end of the season.

  10. Pitchers should not attend private pitching lessons where throwing bullpens are a part of the lesson during the High School baseball season.

    Rationale: Pitchers in the program are strongly encouraged to refrain from seeing private pitching instructors during the official baseball season. We recognize that many pitchers have private coaches, but arm problems have resulted from in-season lessons. These arm problems have also required the coaching staff to alter practice and game plans due to arm soreness following these private lessons. It is important for your son to take care of his arm and throwing lengthy bullpens outside of the baseball program, in addition to the throwing requirements within the baseball program, could possibly lead to future arm problems. If there is a desire to have a private lesson during the season, please contact Coach Hanson prior to the lesson.

  11. Parents should not contact any member of the coaching staff regarding statistics.

    Rationale: We try to make all the correct calls, but it will be difficult to score the game(s) in the same fashion that you will. The team scorebook is the “official” book for the season.

  12. If a player leaves the program during the season, Activities will place a “lock” on him until all debts are paid and uniforms are returned.



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