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  1. Attend school on Game Day in order to start. If you are absent from school, you will not play.

  2. Away Games require arrival at school 15 minutes prior to leaving on the bus. Home Games require players to be dressed and ready at least 1 hour before game time. Late arrivals equal loss of your usual playing spot.

  3. Double check your bag before leaving home – make sure everything needed is accounted for. Sharing missing or forgotten gear is not acceptable.

  4. Any Food / Beverage delivered to a player while in dugout or on playing surface is prohibited. Players will be suspended from playing in that game. Double-header games are an exception.

  5. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Remove all jewelry.

  6. Retaliation by elbowing, punching or pushing will not be tolerated. Negative comments to another player, coach, or an official will result in removal from game.

  7. Become physically and mentally prepared for all practices and games.

  8. When on the bench, be alert and pay attention to the game. Be prepared, you may be called to fill in a needed position at any time.

  9. Congratulate the other team after the game. Win with class – Lose with dignity.

  10. All clean-up duties must be completed before the team is excused from the field.

  11. All players must abide by district guidelines regarding bus conduct. Players are required to ride the bus both to the game and back from the game.

  12. All players will sprint on the field and off the field. No team will out hustle the Wolverines.